Telemedicine for vets - with advanced features

Deliver consultations at a distance, with the whole process under the control of your practice

Generate revenue from remote consultations

Extra convenience for clients - professionally delivered

Observe behaviour of pets in the low stress home environment

Enable flexible working

Triage to establish need in an emergency


Veterinary telemedicine is no longer something to aspire to in the future. VisioCare Linkyvet is successfully used now by over 1000 vets and vet nurses around the world.

The advanced platform has been developed with the specific needs of the veterinary community in mind and has all the features required to deliver high quality care at a distance.

Secure & Encrypted

Contact and control is in the hands of the practice. The client downloads the free smartphone app and joins a consultation using WiFi or 4G. Consultations are secured with a unique access code, ensuring confidentially and safe transmission of pet data. The integrated payment module provides secure in-app payment.

High Quality Visual Images & Records

Clinicians control how they visualize the animal, can zoom in and light up areas for better examination. Including the ability to record video and take photos or mark-up areas of interest for better explanations and follow up.

Easy to Use

Set up for both client and practice is easy and intuitive. Clients can use many of the tools like text messaging and image sharing that they are already familiar with.

Reports & Records

The VisioCare/Linkyvet platform allows practices to generate pdf clinical records of their cases or run reports on transactions and payments taken.


Remote image capture

Take pictures to create a visual clinical record.


Simple annotation tools

Explain and ensure better understanding.


Powerful instant messaging

Choose text, messaging or image sharing.


Notetaking and reports

Secure notes of the full consultation.

Embedded payment tool

Generate revenue, set client expectations.


Record and archive

Full case history and transactions at a glance.

Our research shows that telemedicine consultations tend to be priced at 80-100% of the cost of a face to face consultation.
Add people and branches at no extra cost (standard license allows 3 simultaneous users).
Affordable monthly fee, 4 GB storage free, pay only for the consultation minutes you use.
Unlimited photos and text messages included.
Generate revenue from advisory consultations.
Provide convenient routine consultations at flexible times.
VisioCare/Linkyvet provides a way to set the client's payment expectations before they are charged at the end of the consultation and it's even possible to pre-set the consultation time, providing a guide to when it is taking longer than anticipated.
While the client benefits from extra convenience and saves on travel time, the practice benefits from being able to offer flexible working, from home. Team members may even opt to consult in evenings or around the school day to suit their needs as working parents. With recruitment and retention front of mind for many practice owners, that's a big bonus.
Involving the pet owner in the appointment will create a positive experience and promote customer loyalty. The measures taken during this crisis will resonate with your customers for a lifetime. Don't underestimate how much your clients want to be involved in their pet's visit or how much value they place on the efforts you take to include them.
VisioCare/Linkyvet is available as a stand-alone telemedicine solution or as part of the VisioCare portfolio of digital communication tools for veterinary clinics.

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