Telemedicine for vets - with advanced features

Deliver consultations at a distance, with the whole process under the control of your practice

  • Generate revenue from remote consultations
  • Extra convenience for clients - professionally delivered
  • Observe behaviour of pets in the low stress home environment
  • Enable flexible working
  • Triage to establish need in an emergency
  • Easy to use built-in communication tools
VisioCare Suite - A unique technical solution to manage veterinary client communication before, during and after consulatations

Listen to what people are saying about visiocare linkyvet

"I use VisioCare Linkyvet for post-surgical follow-ups, especially when there are multiple checks needed. For example, following orthopedic surgery, using the platform allows me to see the animal moving in its usual environment. Owners generally have no trouble at all installing and using the App."

Dr Damien Medan, ENVT

Return on investment of veterinary telemedicine

Our research shows that telemedicine consultations tend to be priced at 80-100% of the cost of a face to face consultation.

  • Add people and branches at no extra cost (standard license allows 3 simultaneous users).
  • Affordable monthly fee, 4 GB storage free, pay only for the consultation minutes you use.
  • Unlimited photos and text messages included.
  • Generate revenue from advisory consultations.
  • Provide convenient routine consultations at flexible times.

Linkyvet provides a way to set the client's payment expectations before they are charged at the end of the consultation and it's even possible to pre-set the consultation time, providing a guide to when it is taking longer than anticipated.

While the client benefits from extra convenience and saves on travel time, the practice benefits from being able to offer flexible working, from home. Team members may even opt to consult in evenings or around the school day to suit their needs as working parents. With recruitment and retention front of mind for many practice owners, that's a big bonus.

Linkyvet is available as a stand-alone telemedicine solution or as part of the VisioCare portfolio of digital communication tools for veterinary clinics.


Full VisioCare Linkyvet service, including consultation and invoicing facility and 3 users. £95.00
Linkyvet minutes £0.05 per minute
Additional users beyond the 3 users per VisioCare Linkyvet full license £10.00 per user
VisioCare Linkyvet combined with myBuddy pet app £140.00
VisioCare Linkyvet combined with VisioCare Consult £115.00
VisioCare Linkyvet combined with myBuddy pet app and VisioCare Consult £150.00