Transform conversations with your clients

Thoughtful and beautifully designed visual resources to help you explain a wide range of topics and treatments to pet owners

  • Impressive 3-D anatomical modelling
  • Simple to use and totally non-intrusive
  • Quicker and more effective consultations
  • Higher compliance and revenues
  • Link elements of the service to your practice web site
VisioCare Suite - A unique technical solution to manage veterinary client communication before, during and after consulatations

Listen to what people are saying about visiocare consult

"I have had an excellent response and feel that clients have a much better understanding of conditions. Keeping to time during a consultation is actually easier with VisioCare. A few seconds of images can replace a long, detailed conversation, referring to images from books and even my drawing!"

Brian Hogan, MRCVS, MVB, Cert SAS Clinical Director at Blacks Vets, West Midlands

Buy separately or as a bundle Prices quoted are ex VAT

VisioCare® TV Entertaining video service that promotes better client engagement From £75.00 monthly
VisioCare® Consult A unique video tool that better explains treatment options From £35.00 monthly
VisioCare® Pro A combined offering of the above two services plus VisioCare Home From £105.00 monthly
myBuddy© A safe and professional app that deepens the relationship between client and vet practice From £70.00 monthly